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Wedding Reception Disc Jockey (dj) Services, Lighting, Decor & Planning Ideas;

Great Times Events provides top quality deejay's (dj's), lighting & decor services - planning suggestions & ideas for wedding receptions in Winnipeg, Brandon and rural Manitoba as well as Kenora, western Ontario & Yorkton, eastern Saskatchewan. You're encouraged to take advantage of the peace of mind booking promise found here! The people providing the services you require are not sales agents, staff or commissioned workers - but rather independent experienced and talented individuals who care about the success of your wedding!

The following is a condensed version of a contemporary wedding reception schedule. However, we are by no means limited to this format. We'll happily work with you (or other professionals you hire) to ensure your wedding reception (style/format) is according to your desires. Event Planning is an important part of the commitment to your event and will help to predetermine your expectations.

COCKTAIL HOUR(s) While your guests arrive, your choice of music is played. (As outlined in our 'Wedding Event Planning Guide'.) Because most of your guests will be conversing with friends and relatives, the music is kept at a volume that is unobtrusive. You may want to also consider some unique and creative first impressions with the use of modern lighting technology. (eg - Head table lighting decorations & Special EFX)

Your disc jockey will be prepared to assist you with a 'Grand Entrance Ceremony'. When the bride and groom arrive at the reception hall, the Master of Ceremonies (or your dj) will make a bridal party introduction.

RECEIVING LINE The bride, groom, parents, and bridal party line up and greet the guests as they go through the line. This is a great time to say a personal "Thank You" to all of your guests for attending your special day.

DINNER During dinner music will be played according to your specifications on the planning guide. Your disc jockey will remain alert at all times to manage music/microphone volume levels.

TOASTS / FORMAL PROGRAM / OTHER ENTERTAINMENT Toasting by friends and family of the Bride and Groom. Slide shows, speeches, telegrams, and other humorous activities are also common after dinner. This is usually initiated by the Master of Ceremonies. However, depending on your wedding package, your disc jockey will be prepared with the public speaking ability to assist you upon request.

BREAK A five to ten minute break after the formal program/speeches & before the first dance. This allows for your guests to stand up and stretch their legs, visit the restroom and freshen up for the evening celebration. In most cases guests appear to enjoy the opportunity to 'top-up' their drinks and mingle for a few moments before the first dance.

CAKE CUTTING The MC or DJ will make an announcement for your guests to gather around the cake. If desired, many choose to have the cake-cutting ceremony take place later in the evening. Others choose to leave this out of their wedding agenda all together.

INTERACTIVE ICEBREAKER(S) One or more popular 'Icebreaker' games/group activities will often be a fantastic 'kick-start' to transition the room from dinner format to celebration format. Your professional dj entertainer will delicately encourage your guests to help create your celebration by joining in the fun. This service is included upon request with the professional and showcase wedding packages. Visit the Packages & Prices link for more information. The wedding references link will help describe what past clients thought about the 'interactive icebreaker entertainment formula'.

FIRST DANCE(s) The bride and groom first dance, the Father/Daughter dance, the Mother/Son dance, the Money dance and Bridal Party dance(s) are common honorary celebrations at wedding receptions. These songs will always be planned in advance and outlined as part of the Wedding Planning Guide.

LET'S DANCE After the first dance(s) guests are invited to join in and keep the celebration alive. Popular, upbeat celebratory music will be played according to the styles/genres you -and- your guests will enjoy. With the abundance of music available in the world today - Disc Jockeys with many years of experience are in the best position to entertain your guests that will (in most cases) enjoy different styles of music.

BOUQUET AND GARTER TOSS The MC or DJ will announce for the single ladies/gentlemen to gather on the dance floor for the bouquet/garter toss. You're welcome to preselect the songs or ask your disc jockey to choose something appropriate.

LAST DANCE The evening continues with more dancing to the best music. Replaying the Bride & Groom's wedding song again (or a different significant song of their choice) can be a nice way to end the evening.

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