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Extensive experience and exposure to a wide variety of events/promotions has equipped us to offer valuable suggestions & support toward the planning, production/promotion of your event/product in Winnipeg, Brandon or rural Manitoba, Saskatoon, Regina or rural Saskatchewan as well as Kenora &, Thunder Bay and Ontario. We treat every event production with respect and provide you with production value. Consider welcoming a complimentary consultation and explore how we can help enhance your event/product. Unique and creative ideas, talented professionals / entertainers, quality AUDIO systems, theatrical (intelligent) LIGHTING systems, (small/large) VIDEO screens and experienced technicians, all combined together to create events with production integrity.

How extensive is your event production knowledge and experience?
From what can be considered standard wedding, corporate and school special events - to - involvement with world class productions that travel through (MB, Canada) such as Keith Urban, Bon Jovi and Rihanna as well as popular productions such as Stars on Ice and Disney On Ice. Technical support services as 'local crew - stage hands', has engaged Great Times Events & Entertainment Network with some of the most modern and entertaining production ideas. These interactions are a part of the direct background experience(s) that assist us in providing top notch ideas & technical support.
Event Production Services
Sound, lighting & audio equipment and experienced professional technical support for your upcoming small/large event production.
Real Time Audio is a valued part of the Great Times Events & Entertainment Network! Working together to bring forward top quality event production services/support/promotion for every size of event...
(On site support -or- Equipment Rentals)