Corporate Events Entertainment - Receptions, Gala's & Banquets

Corporate entertainment and technical support for banquets, gala's and special events with a peace of mind booking practice.  From lighting & decor services, interactive games & activities, hypnotist, casinos, photo booth, deejay's (dj's) services, musicians and more... we strive to bring forward unique and creative entertainment & production solutions that help to create successful & meaningful events in Winnipeg, Brandon or rural Manitoba as well as Western Ontario & Eastarn Saskatchewan.

Corporate Events - Receptions - Banquets & Gala's
3 main factors for a successful corporate reception, banquet or gala:
1. The Venue & Food:
For the most part the venue & food is predetermined as most requests are for corporate entertainment services, planning and ideas. However, exceptions will be made for events that require assistance with selecting/booking a venue. One main consideration is space. For smaller more intimate corporate events - smaller venues with just enough space can be what you're looking for. However, if you're planning events with a larger number of guests expected, one common comment of discouragement from guests often relates to the discomfort that can be created in smaller venues trying to accommodate larger events. Venue space is also a consideration when planning larger event productions with one or more entertainment services.
2. Good Quality Entertainment:
Corporate events can be exciting and memorable for many reasons. One common factor at the root of most corporate receptions, banquets & gala's appears to be a sense of rewarding the participants. Good quality entertainment can be a key aspect that helps to create enjoyable lasting memories and a sense of appreciation for many guests. Great Times and the network of entertainers, musicians, dj's & technicians are committed to a standard of excellence.
3. Attractive Decor
& Quality Technical Support: The look/feel and decor of the venue is often underestimated. If the venue appears dull or something similar to gathering into a large box - adding decor & lighting can really make a significant impact as guests will capture a sense of excitement and positive anticipation toward a successful event. Additionally, how many times have you been to a corporate event where you can't hear what is being said and/or you can't see videos, presentation slides or other media? Planning is KEY and one of the main approaches toward protecting the integrity of your upcoming corporate reception, banquet or gala.

Common entertainment services for corporate receptions, banquets & gala's;

Just For Fun - Casino
Mobile casino entertainment - "Just For Fun"!
Photography & Photo Booth
Props, draping & staging and photography professionals
Musicians, bands
and creative artist entertainers
Disc Jockey's
and interactive entertainment
Common production services;
Sound & lighting systems; theatrical lighting technology to artistically light the stage/podium/entertainment & room/dance floor lighting
Experienced event technical support
Room decorations & props
Video (pre-event video production)

Contact us regarding the above noted common event services and more. Event Planning is included with every event as it is the root of our standard of excellence and successful events!