Wedding Ceremony Services - Planning, Ideas, Dj's & Tech Support

Dependable wedding ceremony audio/technical services!
Wedding ceremony deejay (dj) and audio visual technical equipment & support services are available for Winnipeg, Brandon and rural Manitoba as well as Kenora, western Ontario & Yorkton, eastern Saskatchewan. If you're having your ceremony in a church or community hall venue - your technical requirements may be available and included with the service they provide. However, if you're having your ceremony outside or at a venue that does not already have (dependable) technical equipment/support - planning/preparations will be organized in advance so you can 'relax' and enjoy the experience.

This service includes the set up and load out of a quality sound system and microphone(s). Your wedding ceremony songs will be played respectively at the appropriate volume and on time. Technical preparations will take place before the ceremony (testing sound & microphones) to predetermine any complications in order to protect the production quality of your wedding ceremony... one of the most significant events of your life!

ON SITE - from $95 (Same location as reception)
OFF SITE - from $195 (Different location but part of your event package)
INDEPENDENT SERVICE - from $250 (2 hour service)

Other Ceremony Support Services:
*Photography - Black & Gold Photography - Professional photographer(s)
*Video Screens - For modern theatrical events with video segments & backgrounds
*Room up-lighting & Decor - For indoor and outdoor ceremonies