Wedding Social & Reception - Deejay's (dj's) - Packages & Pricing


All DJ packages include; advanced planning discussion, in-town travel & set-up and continuous music (except during speeches/toasts).
Cocktail/Dinner Service includes; continuous background music, complimentary microphone & PA usage and music connection  (& technical support) for slide shows.

Showcase - Dj Pro Package
Package will guarantee you a unique and creative event with the best handpicked professional dj entertainers, audio systems and intelligent lighting.  Modern room lighting, head table lighting and captivating dance floor visuals.
Showcase - Dj Pro Package - $1,795
Event Planning: Meeting(s) with your dj and planning assistance 
Top-rated Interactive Dj Entertainer with 20 + years experience - known for talent, strong music knowledge, music selection and top-notch customer service
Enhanced sound system with a full intelligent light show, wireless microphone(s) (PA) system & assistance with event agenda & announcements
Intelligent room lighting EFX for enhanced visual stimulation.  (EG - Head table motion lighting EFX)
Icebreaker Interactive entertainment upon request: 1-2 Group participation games & activities
4-5 HOURS of continuous music & complete music library
2-3 HOURS of Cocktail/Dinner music & extended PA use for speeches: Add $195

Professional - Dj Package
A service that you can expect to be a noticeable step above what most other service providers can do for you.
Event Planning: Planning assistance with your dj - meetings upon request
Experienced, professional, Interactive Dj Entertainer with minimum 10 years + experience, enhanced sound & lighting system, wireless microphone (PA) system & assistance with agenda and announcements
Icebreaker Interactive entertainment upon request: Group participation games & activities
4-5 HOURS of continuous music (Usually 8pm - 1am)
of Cocktail/Dinner music & extended PA use for speeches: Add $195

Standard - Dj Package
A comparative value to the service that most other professional dj service providers will offer in our service area. 
Professional Dj with a minimum of 5 years + experience
Compact quality sound system and standard light show included
4-5 HOURS of continuous music (Usually 8pm - 1am)
of Cocktail/Dinner music & extended PA use for speeches: Add $195

Many service providers have truly great (dj) entertainers that will do a good job playing music for your event. However, music is only one aspect to consider when planning for a successful wedding reception/social event.

3 KEY factors that you can expect from Great Times - Wedding Events;
1. A personable and approachable dj; This is an important factor because it will help your guests to positively anticipate the entertainment and feel comfortable making requests. A professional and well spoken dj that can connect with your guests will go a long way toward encouraging everyone to have a great time...
2. A dj with vast knowledge of music; Your dj will pay close attention to the nature of your event. Your dj will be aware of many different songs (& styles of music) that can help to add diversity to your event. The dj will focus their talents based on your (& your guests) requests. You can expect your dj to have 5 to 20+ years of experience depending on your package choice.
3. Audio/visual production value; This aspect is often overlooked! If you're simply searching for the best deal - there is a possibility you could end up with a less than standard service. Production value begins when you start to consider the quality of the sound and lighting equipment as well as the quality/capability of the entertainer/technician!

A modern approach toward a photo booth rental service that helps participants to enjoy the convenience of immediatley being able to share their photos. The 'Do It Your Selfie' Photo Booth comes with a photo booth host/photographer that will assist visitors to take photos with their phones/cameras.

Video screen and projector service - from $250
Up-Lighting & Decor Service
• Intelligent Lighting - mini $300

• Full intelligent lights - large - from $750
• Head table, cake table, front entrance & 'around the room' up lights - 12 pack $250

Modern booking trend to be aware of regarding dj entertainment;
The DJ is 'included' or a 'option' as part of a package deal;
This can be a very attractive option because it is one less thing to worry about and likely a pretty good bargain. However, in some cases, these deals come with less of a focus toward the entertainment specific planning for your event. Important factors you may want to consider when selecting your dj and service provider;
A. Most of the dj's that work for large companies have less than 5 years experience. With all due respect to those learning - you may not want your wedding in the hands of someone training or practicing their talent/skills.
B. Be sure to insist on speaking with your actual dj so that you know you will be satisfied with what you are going to get.
C. If a dj is being paid a hourly wage or flat rate that is only a small portion of what you are being charged. That means that they're not fully connected with your event - they're mostly connected with their 'job'. Booking an independent professional service provider will help to guarantee your investment is fully focused toward your event.