Great Times Game Show - Live Professional Event Entertainment

"Great Times Events & Entertainment Network features a unique and live game show experience!"
The Great Times - Game Show is designed for corporate events, PD initiatives, team building events, community & sports events, school graduations, lounge entertainment, community/family/seniors activity nights and more... Game shows can be booked separately as a individual service or added to our other services as part of your event production. Our primary service area Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario. However, this outstanding and authentic live game show experience is available across Canada and North America upon request.

The GREAT TIMES - GAME SHOW is ideal for those looking to create a interactive game show experience where everyone is involved at their comfort level. The game show is designed to accommodate group sizes of (10-1000 or more). We will divide the room into 4 team sections (or every individual table is a team). Each team will have an equal opportunity to complete various challenges to gain points. Most game segments will ask teams to work together at their tables (group areas). Some of the challenges may require the more outgoing team members to come forward to represent their team.
Our approach to a successful live game show experience is to bring forward a game show production that changes game segments to help keep participants engaged. The game show template is custom created and new questions/segments can be added/changed in preparation for each unique event. Special consideration is given toward producing a game show entertainment experience that is relevant, stimulating and captivating.
Contact us for a list of game show segments and find out more about how we can custom create a game show experience that will work for your upcoming special event.
Graduate - Game Show - Live
The most unique and one of a kind live game show entertainment experience for graduation and safe grad events. Graduates are grouped into teams to take on the challenges within the game show. By the end of the show the finalists are determined and eventually one final King or Queen graduate is awarded the grand prize... and bragging rights for the rest of time : )