School Concerts, Plays, Theatrical Events - Planning, Ideas, Support

Great Times Events will treat your school concert, play or theatrical production with dignity and class. These events are valued as enlightening and artistic expressions from young learners that are worthy of quality technical support! Event planning, audio-visual equipment & technical support, decorations and creative ideas for your upcoming theatrical event in Winnipeg, Brandon or rural Manitoba as well as western Ontario & eastern Saskatchewan.

Seine River School Division - Reference
Music-Theatre Teacher -
Carol Martens
Andre Genthon provided sound and light services for winter concerts at both of the schools I teach at. (Richer & Arborgate) It was a pleasure working with him. He works tirelessly at setting up his own equipment (and changing it when necessary), he is very generous about letting the students use his microphones and other equipment, he is a quick-study at determining the atmosphere of the concert and has a wealth of musical interlude pieces to choose from, he is a master at sound and technology, and, most importantly, he maintains a positive attitude, sense of graciousness and encouragement during what is considered a teacher's most chaotic time of year!

Event services provided for school theatrical events include;
Audio equipment & technical support (speakers, microphones, soundboard)

Visual equipment & technical support (video screens, projection backgrounds)
Lighting equipment & technical support (standard & intelligent lighting systems)
Production planning & technical support (on site production support)
Production training (sound, lighting, video - hands on learning for students and staff)

"Our school can't afford this level of production support due to budgets!"
Working closely with schools is a top priority.  We are fully aware that school budgets will often not allow for access to this level of production support.

The following is an example of production services with a industry standard value of ($2,000 - $3,000) that are provided for schools within the service area at a cost of usually less than half of the standard rate;
Equipment Usage Time (Incl Load-in & Load-out)
2-4   Main EV sound system - PA
2      Stage area monitors - PA
2      LED Zoom Par Lights
2-4   LED Bars - Lighting
2-4   Arena Professional - Intelligent moving heads - Lighting
6-12 LED RGB Par Lights (up-lights)
1-5   Wireless headset microphones for actors/actresses
1-6   Corded handheld microphones for stage hot spots & back-up
1      Double deck Computer/CD/Audio Mixer for event audio cue's
1      Main mixer
Technical Service Time (Sound/Lighting/Technical support - on site)
1-2 Morning and/or Afternoon practice/rehearsals - before show day(s)
1-2 Show day(s) - Usually afternoon and evening performances
These events will usually be 2-4 full days of equipment usage and onsite technical service.  Schools are also encouraged to select 1-3 students to work with Andre to manage a specific area of the production (sound board for mic's - audio cue's console - lighting controller) and utilize this investment as a meaningful high-tech learning experience as well.  Observations from past events confirm that participants (actors, actresses, student production tech's, staff) appear to have a higher level of excitement, dedication and positive anticipation toward giving their best when the production factors are enhanced.  Additionally, there appears to be a greater level of authentic theatrical respect from observing students, parents and community members that have the opportunity to view the performance(s).

Contact us to discuss your upcoming concert, play, musical or theatrical production ideas.  Committed to a standard of excellence that begins from your first contact!