Interactive Professonal Event Hosts - Games, Activities, Entertainers - Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario

Great Times Events & Entertainment Network Special Event Hosts are unique and original professional group entertainers. Hosts will maintain a clean presentation and clear pronunciation while bringing forward a comfortable/classy assortment of group participation games, contests, activities and more...! Your interactive entertainer/host(s) will help to create a fun environment that promotes positivity, laughter and excitement. You can expect your event host to delicately welcome guests to participate at their comfort level.
Determining the right style of Interactive Event Host for your event is important! Our complimentary event planning service will help to predetermine your expectations and create successful event outcomes. Interactive Event Hosts are also know as Entertainment Event Managers/Monitors as their primary responsibility is to pay close attention to the success of the entertainment value at each unique and individual event. This service is available for:
Full engagements: Advance preparation & meetings to gain clarity toward event responsibilities/expectations. Professional event host assistance for our event from beginning to end.
Partial engagements:
30-90 minute segments based on event requests
(Team/Table games & group challenges, Noodle Game, Trivia contests...)
(Group Participation Dances - Included with some DJ packages)
Contact us to discuss our Interactive Icebreakers in more detail and see if this style of entertainment will work for your upcoming special event.